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Welcome to the Bedford College of Lace Making, the only school dedicated to learning different disciplines of lace making in the United States of America. 

Lace Making Presentation Display

2011 Candle Light Tour at Spring Mill State Park. Photo by David Black.

A Brief History of the Bedford College of Lace Making  

The Bedford College of Lace Making was officially founded by Stephen Bowman in January of 2008, though in truth he has been teaching lace making for quite a bit longer.  Stephen began teaching tatting and crochet several years ago at local yarn shops in Bloomington, IN and then later moved his classes down to his native Bedford, IN.  There he began with a simple line up of classes including, Needle Tatting, the ABC's of Crochet, Knitting 101 and Left-Handed Crochet for Beginners.  Since then he has expanded to include Bobbin Lace, Pulled & Drawn Thread Work and many more.

The Bedford College of Lace Making opened its doors in late January 2008 at the Old Jail Art Center, which is located on "J" Street in Bedford, and operated from this facility until March 2009, when it was decided that a larger facility was needed to house the college. 

We are still in operation and are still having classes and doing presentations to any organization or group that would like to engage the school. 

2011 SWIFT Meeting Demonstration

New Lace Guilds Forming

We here at the Bedford College of Lace Making are excited to announce the formation of not one but two new lace making clubs in the area. 

The first organization known as the Lace Monkeys, which is located here in Bedford, Indiana and is closely affiliated with the Bedford College of Lace Making.  The focus of the Lace Monkeys will be community formation, educational opportunities and demonstrations in various locations, including historical re-enactments.  The Lace Monkeys are charter chapter member of I. O. L. I.   Please visit the Lace Monkey page on this website to learn more about them.  

The other is the Bloomington Lace Guild, located in Bloomington, Indiana.  The Bedford College of Lace Making is NO LONGER affiliated with this organization due to unfair treatment of our staff by this guild's leaders. 

2016 School Year

Classes run between four to five weeks in length with the notable exception of workshops, which are usually all day - one day events.
Also we are more than willing to come and perform demonstrations of lace making to different types of events including luncheons, reenactments and fiber festivals.
Main Office Address
629 U Street
Bedford, IN  47421-1923
Current School Address
629 U Street
Bedford, IN  47421

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As always, the Bedford College of Lace Making is looking to promote the work of artists who may not have any other place to exhibit their work.  As a result, there are several pages to this site dedicated to artists who produce non-lace work.  To the far left of this screen is a column of tabs, near the bottom will always be listed different artists and their work.

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